Monday, December 27, 2010

China comes to Tennessee to attack California spas

In what has to be one of the odder patent lawsuits (or at least the one with the most exotic name) filed in the District of Tennessee, Zhongshan Rising Dragon Trading Company has sued Jacuzzi, the famous spa manufacturer, for infringing its patent (for which it is the exclusive licensee) for a jet barrel for a spa jet.

Although you certainly wouldn't know it from the name, Zhongshan (a Chinese spa manufacturer) is engaging in blatant "hometowning" -- with its US warehouse located in Sweetwater, Tennessee. Here's hoping that the Chinese pick up a little US litigation culture and learn that, sometimes the best way to break into a market is to sue your competitors.

But, by the way guys, if you're going to do business in Tennessee, you might think of renaming your US subsidiary "Bob's Screaming Eagle" instead. Just sayin'.

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