Thursday, August 03, 2006

P&G's Lightning Strike Against Private Label "Copycats" -- Or, How Even the Largest Companies can Litigate like "Operation Cobra"

"Operation Cobra" was one of the the most efficient movements of 
troops and materiel of WWII, marking the "breakout" of Allied troops from Normandy after D-Day. The lightning movement of the normally lumbering Allied armies over the 11 days from July 24 to August 4, 1944 made possible the liberation of France.

Although not nearly so altruistic, P&G has also engaged in its own lightning strike against private label manufacturers which it considers copycats of its signature products. Within the last four months, P&G has brought trade dress and patent infringement actions agsinst McLane (Nyquil), Vi-Jon (mouthwash), Ramir (toothbrushes) and Perrigo (Olay products). And, as P&G's Vice Chairman of global operations, Bob McDonald , told Reuters, "There are more coming,"

I guess P&G has given up on that private patent court idea its inhouse attorneys cane up with about 10 years ago.

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